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Bath Renovation 4 – Mounting the Cabinet and Getting on the Top

August 11, 2011

The Handy Goddess shows how to install and mount a new
bathroom vanity that she built and painted after removing the original cabinet
and after fixing the leaky pipe by replacing the angle stop in this diy home
renovation project and diy home décor show. She then shows how to score and
snap concrete board and then she lays the tile and grouts her counter top.

Leaky Pipes & A New Angle in Plumbing

August 4, 2011

Before The Handy Goddess can install her new bath cabinet
she first has to play like a plumber and fix a leaky pipe. She realizes the
leak is coming from the angle stop but before she can replace faulty fixture
she has to take another trip to the hardware store for more plumbing parts. She’s also using her favorite wrench, the magic wrench in this video.

July 29, 2011

The Handy Goddess stains and paints the cabinet she built,
and then uses stencils and paint to create an antique faux finish over the
cabinet doors and cabinet frame in this diy blog for diy home décor and decorating
ideas. The faux finish is a technique also demonstrated in detail on her
Painted Furniture Fun DVD.

Personal Vanity – Building a Face Frame and Cabinet

July 20, 2011

The Handy Goddess constructs and builds a face frame and
cabinet for her bathroom. In this demonstration she shows you how to use simple
dowel pegs and a drill for connecting the face frame and an easy way to make
cabinet doors.

A semi-private wood cut-out folding screen

June 5, 2011

How to build and a folding screen with a wood cut-out flower pattern easy carpentry demonstration by the Handy Goddess (Barbara Wurden) in this diy home improvement how-to video demonstration.

The Winner and a Show Idea

May 5, 2011

I announce the winner of my Easter rabbit painting and I share about my weekend learning about Earthship Biotecture and ask everyone for advice on if they think it would be good idea to build one of these for myself and would you tune in each week to see the progress of such an endeavor?

Bunny Giveaway – Free Original Art, Oil painting for “liking” The Handy Goddess

April 24, 2011

Show some “Likable” for the Handy Goddess on facebook and enter to win a signed original painting by Barbara Wurden.


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